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FASTRIP ISP-1500 A new plant in Poland

FASTRIP ISP-1500 is a cutting-edge technology for in-line chemical paint stripping, which has been installed downstream of an aluminium profiles production line, capable of working at 2 meters per minute, using a lot of new technology. This latest plant has been installed by Alit in the Polish company Exalus, which specializes in aluminium profiles: “We are at the testing stage – says Loris Rossi, CEO of Alit Technologies – and everything is working perfectly.” FASTRIP ISP-1500 works excellently with Alit’s Metalstrip products, which are specifically optimized for stripping, with high performance, low environmental impact and zero waste. In fact, Metalstrip stripping baths, when adequately filtered, are guaranteed for long-term durability.

Alit to launch an innovative paint stripping machine for aluminium profiles at the Metef Exhibition

11 July 2017. San Bonifacio (VR) Alit confirms its vocation for innovation during the last edition of the METEF fair, in Verona last June, by presenting a new multi-tanks technology for the chemical stripping of aluminium profiles up to 7 meters. This is a scale-up from the well-known Fastrip ISP, the in-line chemical paint removal system that has been launched in 2012 and has enabled many industries all over the globe to effectively solve the problems related to dirty paint hooks. When a hook is not properly peeled, it could risk hitches and slowdowns. Today with Fastrip MT, the acronym of “Multi Tanks”, Alit Technologies’ technical expertise in paint stripping is applied to the larger products. The automotive industry, for example, is among those industries to benefit from a technology that allows easy stripping of aluminium profiles. The state of the art industrial technical knowledge been using until today has required long and costly processes to re-paint unevenly painted profiles. Alit’s booth attracted many delegates with a peak in attendance during the launch event of Fastrip MT when Loris Rossi, CEO of Alit, delivered a speech. The happy hour was definitely appreciated at the end of the working day.

Looking for green chemical specialities at Chemspec 2018

Committed to the highest standard related to sustainability, ALIT delegates at the Chemspec 2018 exhibition, have spent a couple of days discovering the latest innovation for a green chemistry. The Chemspec took place in Cologne the last 20 and 21 June. It is Europe’s premier marketplace for the fine and speciality chemicals industry. The exhibition offers manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of fine chemicals a dedicated marketplace to meet with purchasers and agents looking for specific products or bespoke solutions.

FASTRIP MT is the paint stripping process for aluminium profiles up to 7 meters.

Fastrip MT is the new Alit system for the paint stripping of Aluminum profiles up to 7-meters long. Launched on the occasion of the last Metef Exhibition in Verona, Fastrip MT is the result of the important technical knowledge acquired by the company in over a decade of specialization in in-line painting plants, starting with its Fastrip ISP. On the solicitation of partner companies involved in the production and finishing of aluminum profiles, Alit has devised Fastrip MT to solve a major problem in this process: imperfect paintings. These require large cash outflows and time-consuming remedies, such as outsourcing paint stripping or the manual removal of the wrong finishing. With Fastrip MT today, these industries can finally have an internally efficient paint stripping plant, which operates with excellent stripping liquid products that are recognized in the market for their reliability. Some presentation slides are available at this link.

Redoil 5000 by Alit Technologies, the protective oil for metallic artefacts after paint stripping

Alit Technologies, specialists in the latest generation metal paint stripping and processes, brings a new product with the completion of the 5000 line-up that is devoted to metal protection; they deal with the moment when the artefacts, once painted, await future processing. The new Redoil 5000, a solvent-based hydrophobic oil, can be applied to previously paint-stripped metals to prevent rust and oxidation, which can compromise their resistance, appearance and integrity. The new product has innumerable features that will appeal to operators. First, Redoil leaves a very dry residue on the treated part, avoiding annoying dripping and thus staining industrial areas. It has a very high vapourability along with a high dewatering power. With just a litre of Redoil, you can treat up to 200m2 of surface and get an evanescent protective film. It can also be used on wet iron products.

Alit will exhibit at Paint Expo

See you at the next PaintExpo – FairFair GmbH Showcase Page from 17 to 20 April 2018. PaintExpo will transform the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre into a showcase for industrial painting technologies. Keen to discover more about our company and its brands, Fastrip and Metalstrip, or to explore the potential of trading with us? Drop us an Email.

A competitive business plan

Loris Rossi, the CEO of Alit Technologies and Alufinish Italia, shared his entrepreneurial experience with a group of students selected for the project “Let’s learn how to do business – A competitive business plan”. Promoted by the Veneto Center for Productivity Foundation, the initiative aims to drive young people to think about new business ideas and develop them into a real business plan, thanks to the sessions with companies and entrepreneurs. The schools involved are the CFP of Chiampo and the Quadri and Rossi institutes of Vicenza. The risks and the sense of challenge and the energy and the stubbornness necessary to pursue an entrepreneurial idea are some aspects of Loris’ story that intrigued and interested the pupils.

The new Alit Technologies logo

Compact and simplified, the new Alit logo is a reinterpretation that does not distort the style of the previous logo and wins in immediacy of effect. In fact, having eliminated the triangular graphic element that was at the beginning of the previous version, the rainbow of colors is repeated in the first letter of the name, to evoke the extensive range of paints that can be treated by the paint stripping products and the latest Alit technologies. Also, the cobalt gray and the clear lines have been retained, faithful to the stylistic elements that refer to the metal treatment sector. The word Technologies has been strengthened and is today in a new form, to indicate the company’s commitment towards the research of innovative technologies and processes for the chemical stripping of metals. The payoff in English explicitly declares the company activity – products and machines for paint stripping.


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