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Fastrip T2 and Fastrip T5 for easy, effective and rapid paint stripping of metals

A new advertisement featuring Fastrip T2 and Fastrip T5 paint stripping systems was presented on Verniciatura Industriale. In the 2021... View Article

Fastrip AP has been officially presented with a new advertising campaign

The new plant for stripping aluminium profiles up to 8 meters long is the protagonist of the new advertising campaign.... View Article

The r-evolution of FASTRIP: the new ALIT’s advertising campaign

FASTRIP AP, the new machine for stripping aluminium profiles that will soon be launched on the market, was presented to... View Article

The new ALIT advertising campaign aimed at the Iberian and Latin American markets

FASTRIP T5 and T2 protagonists of the advertising campaign published on ipcm_Ibérica n. 21 and ipcm_LatinoAmérica n. 33. The new... View Article

Chemistry, technology and innovation: the 3 pillars of our company

Discover the new ALIT advertising campaign published in the January issue of La Rivista del Colore. As specialists in the... View Article

ALIT’s 2021 begins with a new advertising campaign

A new advertisement showing the FASTRIP T5 and T2 paint stripping systems has been published on ipcm® n. 67. The... View Article

The Metalstrip range starring in the advertising published on ipcm® n. 66

“It’s time for chemical stripping” – recites the payoff of the latest advertising dedicated to the Metalstrip range. Created by... View Article

METALSTRIP starring in the Spanish advertising for the November issue of ipcm® Ibérica and ipcm® LatinoAmérica

In the month of November, the METALSTRIP range starred also in the advertising in Spanish published on ipcm® Ibérica and... View Article

Fastrip T5-800 in the latest advertising campaign by ALIT

Take a look at the latest advertising campaign dedicated to the new Fastrip T5-800, which features a new, sturdier, safer... View Article

From the ultrasound stripping plant to the range of sustainable paint strippers: the complete solution by ALIT

FASTRIP ISP now with ultrasounds and the range of sustainable and high-performance paint strippers METALSTRIP protagonists of the ALIT advertising... View Article

Fastrip T5 in the foreground of ALIT advertising campaign published on the occasion of CoatVex virtual fair

Published on the occasion of CoatVex, ALIT’s advertising campaign focuses on the innovative Fastrip T5 paint stripping plant. Fastrip T5... View Article

The new advertising campaign for Fastrip ISP – the powerful, fast and safe paint stripping system

ALIT presents the new advertising campaign designed for FASTRIP ISP, the ideal solution for stripping hooks. The new advertising campaign... View Article

Fastrip T5 back as the protagonist of the ALIT advertising campaign, but with a completely renewed design

With the slogan “we made our best, even better”, ALIT presents the new Fastrip T5-800 paint stripping system Sturdier, safer... View Article

Fastrip T5: protagonist of the new advertising campaign for the Iberian and South American market

The new adv targeting the Spanish and Portuguese market unveils Fastrip T5, which will be presented at PaintExpo 2020. This... View Article

2020 will be a year of big news for ALIT

With this advertising campaign, ALIT unveils the technological innovations that will be presented during 2020. The new advertising campaign, launched... View Article

Alit Advertising campaign 2018

ALIT “Oops…” advertising campaign to present the Fastrip line dedicated to paint stripping of metals

ALIT presents to the market the Fastrip line designed for easy, effective and rapid paint stripping of metals “Oops…” was... View Article