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ALITFLOCK 4840 is an adjuvant in the filtration process of paint stripping baths.

Thanks to ALITFLOCK 4840 you can greatly improves filter presses’ efficiency and productivity when treating exhausted, contaminated baths.

Such efficient filtration is often a key factor to make paint stripping a cost-effective process.

During a cycle, paint is removed from workpieces and progressively accumulated in the paint stripping bath.

The higher the amount of paint sludge dissolved in the bath, the greater the problems.

In fact, a large amount of paint sludge into the bath translates into longer cycle times and more expensive processes.

Higher volumes of sludge also mean that the paint stripping solution is more viscous: this can pose a risk of tank heating and liquid
dragging, which again translates into greater costs.

An increased amount of paint sludge can also generate a crust that may clog the hydraulic circuit, pumps, and pipes, thus calling for higher
maintenance costs.

It is therefore clear that the regular and efficient filtration of a paint stripping bath is crucial for cost effectiveness.


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