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19 January 2021

Fastrip T5: The versatile and sturdy solution for chemical paint stripping

Our range of paint stripping tanks allows to effectively remove paint from both ferrous metals and light alloys without compromising their surfaces.

Fastrip T5 is the range of paint stripping tanks with a capacity of 800 litres, developed by ALIT Technologies, which combines sturdiness, flexibility and process efficiency and allows to efficiently remove paint from hooks, frames or pieces to be recovered, whether they are of ferrous metals or light alloys, without compromising their surfaces.

Fastrip T5 is built on the concept of “tank within a tank”: the sealed external tank also serves a safety basin for fluid containment. Furthermore, our systems – made in AISI-304 – are equipped with a separate self-supporting plug-and-play touchscreen control panel and fully programmable cycle parameters.

The Fastrip T5 system is available in three versions, which combine a chemical and mechanical action for optimal stripping:

  • T5-US with ultrasound technology;
  • T5-MIX with a mechanical mixer;
  • T5-MT with a series of tanks in parallel with gantry-type handling.

The paint stripping process is optimized by the use of paint strippers from our Metalstrip Up&Down range.

Read the article published in the Verniciatura Industriale’s November/December issue and contact us for more information.


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