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ALIT ACADEMY is a project that will allow us to better communicate our corporate culture! With ALIT Academy, you will have direct access to our latest innovations and know better the people who, every day, work behind the scenes of our company.

n.4 Gennaio 2023

Focus sui prodotti chimici = Ottimizzazione dei costi nei processi di sverniciatura chimica // Focus sugli impianti= Drizzling

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n.3 Agosto 2022

Focus sui prodotti chimici = Claris 9346 MB // Focus sugli impianti= Fastrip ISP | Fastrip T5 Multi-Tank

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n.2 Marzo 2022

Focus sui prodotti chimici = AlitFlock 4840 | Fluoridite // Focus sugli impianti= Fastrip S | Fastrip FP

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n.1 Novembre 2021

Focus sui prodotti chimici = Metalstrip 2011 Focus sugli impianti= Fastrip AP

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