Alit Technologies

4 June 2018

Redoil 5000 by Alit Technologies, the protective oil for metallic artefacts after paint stripping

Alit Technologies, specialists in the latest generation metal paint stripping and processes, brings a new product with the completion of the 5000 line-up that is devoted to metal protection; they deal with the moment when the artefacts, once painted, await future processing. The new Redoil 5000, a solvent-based hydrophobic oil, can be applied to previously paint-stripped metals to prevent rust and oxidation, which can compromise their resistance, appearance and integrity. The new product has innumerable features that will appeal to operators. First, Redoil leaves a very dry residue on the treated part, avoiding annoying dripping and thus staining industrial areas. It has a very high vapourability along with a high dewatering power. With just a litre of Redoil, you can treat up to 200m2 of surface and get an evanescent protective film. It can also be used on wet iron products.


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