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Metalstrip - New innovative biphasic paint stripping processes

Metasltrip Up&Down are innovative liquid, biphasic paint stripping processes, developed to remove a wide range of coating systems.Metalstrip Up&Down are used in dipping plants but it’s, also, effective in spray and, under certain conditions, in inline stripping plants. In fact, thanks to its rapid action, Fastrip Up&Down can remove certain types of paint after only 1-2 minutes.

Metalstrip Up&Down offers significantly advantages for workers, thanks to its formulation free from halogenated hydrocarbons, phenols, chromates, ammonia, amines, organic or inorganic acids.

Metalstrip Up&Down 2801

Alkaline two-phase process for the paint stripping of ferrous material only. It requires the products Metalstrip 2701 and Metalstrip 2901


Metalstrip Up&Down 2802

Two-phase acid process for all types of material. It requires the products Metalstrip 2702 and Metalstrip 2902.


Metalstrip Up&Down 2803

Process including 2 products: Metalstrip 2703 and Metalstrip 2903. Two-phase neutral process for all types of material.